The Cost


The current Recommended Retail Price: AUD$30

Delivery fees within Australia: AUD$15

Delivery fees outside Australia: depends on the customer’s country and region 


If you are ordering the book from outside Australia, the following details might give you an idea of the delivery cost to your address.


Bodhiology, being a comprehensive textbook, has over 600 B5 pages and weighs nearly 1 kilogram.






Payment methods


Direct deposit to the bank account


If you want to pay by direct deposit to the publisher’s bank account, you can request by e-mailing to for the account number.


As the publisher’s bank account is with Citibank, the money transfer fee is free if you have a bank account with Citibank as well.


Money transfer with Western Union


To transfer money to the publisher with Western Union Money Transfer, please use the following details.


The recipient:  Suan Lu Zaw


Address:  40 Heseltine Street, Denman Prospect, Canberra, ACT 2611, Australia


Photo ID:  Yes


PayPal and Credit cards


To pay the publisher with PayPal and credit card transactions,please click the following button link:


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